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Monday, September 22, 2014

CSDA Fifth Graders Become Bloggers in Miss Mayorska's Class

The Grade 5 students in Lyuda Mayorska's class are learning a great deal about traditional academic content and skills, but this year they are learning even more:  they are learning 21st Century Skills with the support of CSDA educational technology, and web2.0 communication tools.

Ms. Mayorska's class website is actually a blog on which both the teacher and students post information about daily activities, lessons, and extensions.  In the time ahead, we anticipate that students will  post more and more of the classroom blog material, and share more of their work on the world wide web -- as they become published on the internet and cultivate a positive 'digital footprint', all while they learn more about 'digital citizenship'.

For other great examples of class website formats and content at CSDA, go to our school website and check out the links for Mr. Putnam's class, Mr. Snoke's class, and Mr. Vitulli's class.  More and more, we forging ahead with technology and 21st Century Learning at the Captain Samuel Douglass Academy.

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