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Monday, September 22, 2014

CSDA Sixth Graders Experience 21st Century Communication Tools: The CSDA Podcast Channel

Our sensational CSDA Sixth Graders have provided leadership for us in so many ways this fall.

Most recently, they have served as voice talent on our CSDA Podcast Channel .  For the podcast channel project they have collaboratively developed scripts and interview questions that they have posed to guests 'on the air' while recording audio for our podcast episodes.

We talk with the students about confident and clear speech, bringing 'their voice' to the productions and presentations, and invite them to take liberties with script proposals in order to make them their own.  The students get to experience 'web2.0' communication technology, and be published on the world wide web.

The episodes currently range in content from interviews of staff members new to our school community, to informational pieces on school policies and procedures.  We look forward to exploring even more creative content for our listening audience over the next few weeks, as we'll be handing more and more creative control of this program to our student leaders/producers.

The parents of our student announcers/producers have been extremely supportive of this project as they understand the importance of 21st Century Learning in their child's preparation for success and happiness in the years ahead.

CSDA, where learning, fun, and the future meet!

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