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Sunday, September 28, 2014

SAU-41 21st Century Learning Committee Begins Tour of District

Beginning last year, a group of dedicated SAU-41 teachers and administrators started coming together on a regular basis to lay the groundwork for an ambitious project to design and articulate a comprehensive plan to implement '21st Century Learning' in the Hollis and Brookline School Districts.  After some final review at the beginning of this year, a campaign was developed to communicate the plan and its implications to our community.

Currently, the team is visiting SAU-41 School Boards to deliver an information presentation, answer questions, and solicit feedback.

So far, so good.

The group's first presentation was well received by the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School Board on the evening of Wednesday, September 17th.  The Board was extremely patient (as the presentation ran a little long) and engaged (posing questions, offering commentary, and actually participating in the presentation, 'hands-on' at one point).

It was a great start for the SAU-41 21st Century Learning Committee, and we thank the Hollis Brookline Cooperative School Board for their support.  The group will be making presentations for the other district school boards as follows: Hollis School Board (10/20), Brookline School Board (10/28) .  Also, the presentation team will be offering a forum especially for parents on a date yet to be determined (likely to be held in mid-November).  Stay tuned for further details!

Please forward any thoughts or questions that you might have about the SAU-41 21st Century Learning initiative to Dennis Dobe at YOUR Captain Samuel Douglass Academy.  We look forward to connecting with you soon about this 'game-changing' initiative in our school district.

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