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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welcome Back to School -- 2014!

[This post includes reprinted material from our 'Welcome Back' Parent Letter which was sent to CSDA Families in late August.]

This letter is written to warmly welcome you and your family back for another year of learning, growing, and achieving at the Captain Samuel Douglass Academy.

Over the past seven weeks I have enjoyed the pleasure of getting to know your community of Brookline, and your school at CSDA.  I have been impressed with the proud and extremely helpful people that I have met in Brookline this summer.  I have been on an extremely rapid learning curve, but thanks to the good people I have met, it has been easy and it has been fun.  Mrs. Wenger left the school in a very strong position as she embarked on her well-deserved retirement, doing much more than she needed to in supporting a smooth and successful transition for me as your new principal.  Also retiring at the close of last year, Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Perkinson have been generous with their time in helping new CSDA staff members get acclimated and prepared for success as they join the high-achieving faculty of the Captain Samuel Douglass Academy.

Indispensable in helping our school carry on into the new year without skipping a beat, has been the support and collaboration of the CSDA Office Team (Mrs. Skogsholm, Mrs. Farbotko, Mrs. Albina, Mrs. Lorden, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Ullrich and Mrs. Nagle) and our school custodial team (Mr. Beach, Mr. Dubray, and Mr. Gauthier), who have done such an incredible job getting the school ready for teachers and families to return to school this August.  Also lending invaluable support were my Brookline School District Administrative Teammates, Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Kulick, and the SAU-41 Central Office Team, to include Mr. Corey, Mrs. Matte, Mr. Horton, and Mr. Raymond.  The commitment of your elected officials has been evident as several of your town’s school board members have visited with me to talk about the school; its strengths, its challenges, and its future.  You should also know that the vast majority of the CSDA teaching and support staff have been in to school over the summer to spend time, and help with my orientation to the school and community.  The people that I have been fortunate to meet with have told me about their experiences at CSDA over the years, and about their hopes for its future.  Our Brookline PTO President has also visited and done the same.  Together we discussed many plans for another amazingly successful year for that critically important organization in our school community.

The Town of Brookline is well-served by such strong and dedicated professionals and officials at the school, district, central office, and town government levels.  Even with so much amazing work done over recent years by the administration, teachers, and staff in Brookline, there is still much to be done.

It is time to begin a new school year.

As we open CSDA for the 2014-2015 academic year, I would like to warmly and enthusiastically invite two new friends into our CSDA Learning Community.  Mrs. Carla Brockway will be our new School Counselor, and Miss Heather Whitmore will be our new Grade 4 Classroom Teacher (after Mrs. Lyons retired, Mr. Putnam moved to teaching 6th Grade, Mrs. Gauthier moved to Grade 5, leaving a vacancy on the Grade 4 Team).  Both Mrs. Brockway and Miss Whitmore are eager to meet the rest of the students, parents, and staff of CSDA, and get the new school year underway.

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