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Sunday, November 9, 2014

CSDA Mission & Vision: Who We Are, What We Stand For, What We Intend To Do

Over the last couple of months, a core group of CSDA educators has been working on drafts of our school mission statement and vision statement.  The drafts have been offered to our entire faculty for review and feedback.  We are pleased to to say that both 'guiding statements', are ready to share with you.

A school mission statement is essentially the organization's purpose statement.  It is typically a short and simple statement that drives your work and fuels your ambition.  Key to a good mission statement is that it is easy to remember and recite by anyone in the learning community.  As evidenced by the deafening choral recitation of our school mission statement during our spirit assembly last week, our students have got our mission statement down, and they have been able to articulate evidence of the statement themes in the work we do at CSDA every day.  Ready?  Here it is:

A vision statement illustrates the ideals of the organization -- what education is when we get it right!  The school vision paints the picture of what we aspire to at CSDA, noting key themes that we continuously strive for as a learning community.  Here is our school vision statement:

"With our focus on the Whole Child, at CSDA we aim to foster the development of capable, confident life-long learners who will serve as productive citizens in an ever-changing world.   Our vision for education is to create a love of learning in our students by providing a supportive environment that embraces active intellectual engagement and high expectations for all.  We value school and community relationships that offer a diversity of 21st Century educational experiences." 

It is anticipated that these guiding statements will continue to focus our work and keep us striving for high ideals.  Our students are most certain worth it!

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