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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Learning About Our School Mascot: The American Gray Wolf

In our continuing effort to develop a sense of school identity and pride in their school, grade level groups have had the opportunity to meet in the cafeteria for approximately an hour to learn more about the amazing animal that is our school mascot:  the American Gray Wolf.

Upon coming to CSDA, I was a little unsettled about having the wolf as our school mascot -- with the animal's reputation for violence and ferocity (quite contrary to the themes typically embraced in elementary schools).

In researching wolves, I discovered there is a great deal more to this magnificent animal that I had given credit for.  In fact there are many qualities of wolves that we prize at CSDA and encourage in students every day (strength, endurance, tenacity, intelligence, teamwork, caring for one another, etc.).

Through lecture, video clips, and the viewing of a short documentary produced by the National Wildlife Federation, a picture is painted of the American Gray Wolf that students can identify with and be proud to emulate.

The Captain Samuel Douglass Academy Wolves.  It fits.  Go wolves!!

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